Hand and Foot Care

Classic Manicure

45 minutes – $30

Classic Pedicure

60 minutes – $50

Our Classic Manicure includes hand and forearm massage, cuticle minimization, nail shaping and polish.

Our treatment includes warm foot soak, exfoliation, callous and cuticle reduction, massage and polish.

Elemental Nature Manicure

60 minutes – $37

60 minutes – $55

Stone Fusion Pedicure

Our customized treatment using aromatherapy oils to restore balance. Includes exfoliation of the hands and forearms, a warm customized mask, and finishes with hand and forearm massage and polish.

Our Stone Fusion Pedicure incorporates warm Basalt Stones into our Classic Pedicure.

Elemental Nature Pedicure

60 Minutes – $57

Shellac Manicure  $40*

Shellac Manicure w/ Shellac removal* $45

CND shellac is a long wear polish that wears for 14+ days, with amazing shine and is not damaging to your nails, as long as its non-gell formula. This keeps your nails in great condition upon removal. The polish is cured by UV light and involves no dry time. Shellac does not add length to your nails, but will make your nails feel stronger.

This service is usually a 60 minute application time without removal. Please let us know at the time of booking if you need previous shellac removed.

*Not currently being offered at this time.

Elemental Nature Pedicure incorporates customized aromatherapy oils to restore balance. Lower legs and feet are exfoliated and moisture is restored with a customized mask and massage. This service includes a warm foot soak, nail grooming and polish.

Caribbean Therapy Pedicure

60 Minutes – $60

Polish Change


French Pedicure

Add $10 to any of our Foot Care Services to receive a French Polish.

This rejuvenating and nurturing foot treatment uses healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to improve condition of nails, cuticles and feet. A special exfoliating paste and warm seaweed masque combine with Caribbean massage techniques to smooth and soften, relax and renew. This treatment includes a warm foot soak, nail grooming and polish.