Brown Hair

Salon Services

Hair is hair - and we want to charge accordingly! In the effort to become more gender neutral with our services, our haircuts are now determined on length/time rather than gender. Haircuts include wash, cut and style. 

Express Haircut $25-$55

Hair that sits above the jawline. Clipper cuts, pixie cuts and most short styles will fit into this category. Maintained every 4-5 weeks.

Advanced Haircut $50-$90

Hair that sits below the collarbone or thicker hair that requires more time. Generally maintained between 8-12 weeks.

Formal Style $80+

Guest should arrive with clean and dry hair. This service does not include a shampoo and blowdry. Price may increase due to length of time and complexity of style.

Classic Haircut $35-$70

Hair that sits between the jawline and collarbone or if you have thicker hair that requires more time. Maintained every 6-8 weeks.

Blowout $50+

This service includes consultation, shampoo and full blowout. Curling wand and flat iron styles can be added on for an additional cost.

Conditioning Treatments

Botanical Repair Treatment $30

Botanical Repair Masque $15

Nutriplenish Deep Hydration Masque $15

Pramasana Scalp Treatment $40


Hair Design

*Pricing is determined per stylist. Hair texture, length and density are considered in each part of pricing.

Hair Color

All color pricing is a starting price. Prices listed do not include haircut or style. 
Prices can change depending on the length, amount and texture of hair.

Permanent or Demi Hair Color  $65+

Color Gloss  $40+

Toner $40+

Color Balance $65+

Brow Tint $20

Corrective & Creative Color is by consultation only. The price will be discussed before scheduling the appointment.

Face Frame Hilites $45+

Partial Foil Hilites  $75+

Half Head Hilites 95+

Full Foil Hilites  $115+

Partial Balayage $95+

Full Balayage $150+


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What Our Clients Say

Flowers in Hair


I drove over 2 hours to come to this salon as my previous stylist now works here. The shop is clean and bright. All the staff were friendly and professional. I was offered my choice of tea or water. The location is considered downtown but they do have their own parking. I was able to purchase products that were used on my hair at the salon for home use. I even got a hand massage while my hair was processing. Overall, it was an excellent experience.